Protecting our planet starts with Us, with Me, with You.

Daily, whether on TV or in newspapers, in magazines or on the internet, we see the climate change problem. It is an issue that the entire ecosystem faces. Thus, the existence of mankind is in jeopardy.

The majority of governments and institutions and associations are doing their best to save the planet and make it a better place to live in. We may think that this is enough,  but it is not. Individually, we can participate in doing things daily to reduce our carbon footprint and make our routine eco-friendly. We don’t have to accept the fate of gloom and doom the earth.

In this blog, we will show you how simple everyday tasks can make a difference. But before we start, let us briefly remind you what our planet is suffering from and can be fatal for life on earth.

Planet earth is facing many exhausting challenges :

1- CLIMATE CHANGE: Heatwaves, droughts, floods, storms, declining crop yields, and rising sea levels are just a few of the effects of climate change.


2- DEFORESTATION: We are simply cutting and depriving the earth of its lungs. We will have less oxygen in the atmosphere, and we are already witnessing a massive movement and change of wildlife habits.

3- POLLUTION: It is poisoning the soil, the water supplies, the oceans, the air, the atmosphere, killing plants, and harming humans and animals. Above all, it is repulsive and disgusting.

4- LOSS OF BIODIVERSITY: The slightest change in an ecosystem is likely to have devastating effects on its flora and fauna. Think of it as a domino effect that will affect us all.

5- OVERPOPULATION: Humans are continuing to breed at a really fast pace due to the comfortable modern life. We live longer and medical advancements help us to be healthy. The environment is under more stress and more and more resources are simply lost.

6- OVERFISHING: We dump everything unwanted in the ocean, we fish at an incredibly horrifying speed not thinking about the repercussions that will occur. The ocean is big and we humans have taken it for granted. Also, because of irresponsible and illegal ways of fishing, many marine species are on the verge of extinction.

I know that what I am saying is frightening and I can enumerate tens of other examples about how we are destroying our planet but I prefer to concentrate on the bright side, that is how to save this planet. Lately, sustainability became a buzzword.

But what is sustainability?

Sustainability is the study of how natural systems function, remain diverse, and produce everything it needs for the ecology to stay in balance. It takes into account how we might live in harmony with the natural world around us, protecting it from damage and destruction. Sustainability acknowledges the concept of nature having certain rights.

We all know now that we have to be in harmony with nature and that we as individuals have much to do.

Here are seven things that we suggest you do to save the planet earth:

  • BE INFORMED: This is, without a doubt, the very first step to save mother nature. It is so easy to keep yourself informed, the more you know the better. Keep up with the news and with what environmental organizations write about the matter. Staying up to date with news will help you acquire more information and help you to discuss the subject with close friends, family, and others, and possibly convince them to join the cause.

  • THINK RESPONSIBLY WHEN YOU TRAVEL: Transportation, in general, is one of the most polluting factors in the world, so please if you have the time just walk or use a bicycle. This will diminish CO2 emissions.

  • EAT SUSTAINABLY AND EAT VEGAN: What we eat contributes around a quarter of global greenhouses gas emissions and is responsible for about 60% of global biodiversity loss. Farming animals requires space and a huge amount of water and feed and nowadays one of the biggest causes of loss of forests is the expansion of agricultural land. Moving away from a meat-based diet to a plant dominated diet can contribute to lowering our impact on nature. Vegetarian and vegan food is on the rise and becoming more and more common in restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets.

  • REDUCE YOUR WASTE: The impact of plastic and other materials going from everyday things to more complicated chemical substances, on land and especially on the oceans and seas, is becoming a serious matter and needs drastic means to counter it. It has an adverse effect, especially on marine life. We urgently need to recycle more and reduce the number of materials we are making, and upcycling is a very creative way to reuse old items into something useful and more valuable. Try to use paper bags rather than plastic bags while shopping. Try to finish eating the leftover food and not throw it away, and if you have to dispose of it just try to compost the organic waste you cannot eat.

  • DONATE AND VOLUNTEER: Do not be afraid to give, it is a sign that we are humans and that we have compassion. We can give money by donating to private and governmental organizations and help them to carry out their projects.

We can give support for example by becoming a member of well-known environmental institutions. We can give love by adopting an animal and saving it. We can give time by volunteering and working in the frontline to preserve nature and by sensitizing people to our cause. We can even volunteer with the community by planting trees and making the city or the town more green.

  • USE CLEAN ENERGY: Based on abundant scientific evidence, the global climate is rapidly warming and increasingly becoming unstable due to the burning of fossil fuels. We have witnessed aggravated floods and storms, impressive hurricanes and wildfires, and more importantly, we have witnessed abnormal things happening to our previous normal seasonal weather pattern. We must seriously reduce carbon emissions to, or below, the levels agreed to in the world conventions and treaties. We must also shift the biggest part and percentage of the world’s energy supply to non-fossil fuel sources and invest in everything concerning reforestation that captures carbon dioxide. As individuals, we can opt more for solar and wind energy that is cleaner and safe.

  • HAVE A GREEN THUMB: More and more people have taken eating into their own hands by growing their food. We do not need a whole land to do that, the backyard garden will be more than sufficient and even apartment dwellers can grow herbs on a windowsill and even plant some vegetables in an indoor planter.

There are a bunch of other things that an individual or a group of people can do, we just gave you a hint on how to do it in your everyday life. That’s why we chose to make our product animal cruelty free, without chemical additives, and with a lot of love.

The task of saving the planet seems impossible, but if everyone does a little bit on his own that will add up to the big impact on the environment. Every effort is good no matter how small it is, just pick one of the new habits and begin today.

Urgent action is essential, and we must seize this unprecedented opportunity to change the course of history. We are the first generation to know that we are destroying the world and we can be the last who can do something about it.

Please feel free to leave a comment and share with us your ideas.